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Travel, Transportation, Exercise, Sports, Leisure and Recreation for the Disabled, Handicapped, Persons with Disabilities, or Have a Handicap, Limited Mobility or Developmental Disability, Travel Nurse Jobs, Overnight Summer Camps for Special Needs, Travel Medical Insurance, Wheelchair Golf, Electric Wheelchairs

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This site covers travel insurance, travel medical insurance, travel accident insurance, travel health insurance, international travel medical insurance, travel and transportation for the disabled, handicapped, mobility limited or for any kind of disability, handicap, health or medical issue, and travel nurse jobs through our travel nurse network. Also for   seniors and mature travelers who would like to travel at a slower pace.

Travel and transportation interconnect and sometimes it's hard to talk or write about one without the other. There are related areas also, such as exercise,sports, leisure and recreation.

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See our popular, (exercise from a sitting postion and fitness) DVD or video:

Keep Fit While You Sit DVD Keep Fit While You Sit DVD

See our Disability Bookshop-- for travel, transportation, recreation, leisure, sports and related books-- build a library for your organization. Many associations have ordered complete libraries throug our various Disability Bookshop categories. Now even easier online.

DISABILITY BOOKSHOP - Travel Books and More was published for many years.

Travel Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, International Travel Heath Insurance, International Travel Medical Insurance

How To Choose The Best International Travel Medical Insurance For You

Check out ourTraveling Nurses' Network-- founded in 1985. Listing is FREE for health professionals who like to travel and would like a Travel Nurse Job or career. 

More Travel and Transportation for the Disabled

Different modes of transportation are needed for travel, of course. We add information, help, tips, articles, resources, freebies, etc., daily, as we continually build this site for:

Airline travel, airlines, train travel, trains, Amtrak, cars, automobiles, vehicles of all types, scooters, three wheel scooters, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, vans, RV travel, RV conversion, van conversion (converting vans), van rentals, tips for purchasing vans and van conversions, vans for daily use, handicap vans, handicap cars, hand controls, foot controls, purchasing cars, purchasing automobiles, cruise ships, boats, camping, vans for camping, what to look for when purchasing vans or cars, what to look out for and more.

Travel tips for: air travel, car travel, van travel, RV travel, bus travel, cruise ship travel, train travel, hotels, motels , bed's and breakfast's, vacation home exchanges and more.

Also cheap airfare, cheap tickets, cheap flights, cheap travel auto insurance, cheap hotels, cheap car rentals, cheap cruises, cheap vacations and other cheap travel.

Information about overnight summer camps for special needs kids and teens.

   Special Needs Overnight Summer Camp

Wheelchair golf, golf equipment, other sports equipment too. Exercise related to disabilities.

Also access guides, accessibility checklists for hotels, travel agencies for the disabled, disability travel organizations, disability travel publications and much more.

On this site we also added one of my popular copyrighted books that I published several years ago, for your reference.

  Travel for the Disabled - A Handbook of Travel Resources and 500 Worldwide Access Guides 

We've included it for those who need to access some of the information. It's listed as a resource on many other websites and offline directories. Please let those sites know that they can view the online copy FREE here. We've excluded the chapter headings and some other unnecessary pages. A few of the resources may be outdated. Keep this in mind if you look to it as a resource. Some listings may be current and some not. In many cases the phone numbers are included and a quick call will determine if they're still in operation.

We've been publishing the Directory of Travel Agencies since the early 90s. Same low price now as it was then. See the Directory of Travel Agencies page to find out how to order or click here:Directory of Travel Agencies for the Disabled. If you know of any agencies that specialize and HELP those with disabilities, please let us know and ask the agency also to contact us for a FREE listing.

We also first published the Directory of Accessible Van Rentals in the early 90s. See the Directory of Accessible Van Rentals page for information on how to order or click here: Directory of Accessible Van Rentals

If you know of any van rental companies or RV or van conversion companies we should include or related resources, please let us know.

If you have anything you'd like to contribute to this site about travel and transportation, exercise, leisure, recreation, sports, wheelchair golf or anything else related, we may be able to include it. Include your website URL if you have one, etc. and please link to our site. We like articles, resources, personal travel experiences of help to others, tips about anything related to travel and transportation, exercise or sports, helpful equipment and products, what to look for or look out for in any travel or transportation situation.

Please refer friends, disability organizations and media to this site. Thank you!

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Travel & Transportation for the Disabled

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